Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The shift in consciousness...

We are fast moving towards a time when all the intentions will manifest...all that we want to be and want for ourselves has to be first asked for others, it will multiply exponentially, and reflect back to us.  In that giving of our good thought and action, we will begin to create the space to receive.  

At this time in history, we need to understand that our world, and our perception of the world will determine our thoughts and actions.  When we begin to participate in this perception and reality, with awareness of our responsibility to every sentient being,  we move towards the shift of consciousness.. from a point of separateness and duality towards oneness.  

Quantum Physics states that "Reality boils down to the consciousness that is observing it"....we pause and contemplate, as we ask ourselves this question: what is in my observing that is causing this reality? Do I need to bring a shift first in me, in all those ideas, beliefs, conditionings etc. that might be clouding my observations? And how could I achieve this? Not by reading books, and adopting thoughts of other minds.  Instead become the feeling, watch the thoughts that arise, without acting on them, just let them pass, they are like the clouds in the sky.  

Slowly, through this meditative process the awareness of each moment becomes the living....as the perceiver becomes the perception, the inner and outer worlds unite in to a oneness...
In Mayan tradition In Lak'ech Ala K'in = I am another yourself.

Published in OYE! Times August 10, 2010

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