Thursday, May 27, 2010

love without borders

We had just finished the yoga session on the fourth chakra, lying in savasana, the final pose of yoga where all the doing becomes the undoing.   As the final surrender happens, many insights come to the surface...... often the feeling is as if one has come out of a fog, accompanied with a sense of  i lay in savasana,  the first thought that came up was "love without borders"

The definition of border relevant to this thought is "To confine within bounds; to limit."...............bounds and limits are again an outcome of the conditioning and the experiences we carry in our own book of life.  The continuous challenge is to monitor the thoughts supporting the conditioning and the resulting actions.   When one feels "love" for oneself, the definition of love changes.  There is "Joy", and this spills into all who you come in contact with.........attachments, labels and categories of love begin to dissolve, love becomes limitless and unconfined.

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  1. hola Irum, this is tom and tammy from last month at Rancho Margot, i lost your card and e-mail, i found your blog by seaching Rancho Margot. how are you? please send me an email to let me know everything is going great.. we miss you guys so much... love tom