Monday, February 15, 2010

The interactions and the challenges

for some life seems easy, it flows from moment to moment, occurences to occurences, day to day..............we think stuff, we plan it and allow the plans to happen.

some of us want to "hold the reins", and guide those plans towards the happening................

who is assured of the "success" in the implementation of their plans, the one who allows and trusts that they have done what needed to be done, and remove themselves out of the way, or the one who continues to hold the reins, guiding the plan through each curve and around each bump encountered along the way......the answer is not known, but the illusion makes us believe what we want to believe........... the challenge happens when those with a brain that operate with the first approach interact closely with those whose brain works with the second, giving rise to frustration, conflict, judgements and all forms of disturbed energy. 

 ..............what to do with the doubts and fears which cloud and muddy the trusting look around and if you are blessed there will be a soul whose energy will align with yours and in that presence and support the clarity returns............when i find myself alone, what do i do?  i remember that "the only way out is in" i meditate, withdraw from the noise and the fearful the silence and solitude the trusting instinct returns.

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