Friday, October 30, 2009

If the question is "to be or not to be"........

then the answer is Be and Be NOT...........contemplate

for my contemplation and exploration i used the reference by Krishnamurti - The Awakening of Intelligence....pages 414/415 where he explores the concepts of "being" and "becoming", in reference to the root of fear


  1. You may recognize this, these two pages, as the subject of discovery in my poem, In the Image.

  2. True, very true.
    Sharing your poem:

    "In the Image
    I may spend so much time
    with my imagined wound
    when my self image
    has been damaged.

    Created from the spoken
    and the unspoken words
    through which I see myself,

    I have been shattered
    by a single word
    which exposes my inconsistency.

    Unable to hold together any longer
    I let go
    with a laugh or a cry!

    Sitting still now
    I sense that
    Life still is.
    Still, without an image, I am."

    from Love's Legacy, copyright 1981