Saturday, October 24, 2009

The core of Krishnamurti's teaching....... contained in the statement he made in 1929 when he said "truth is a pathless land".

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  1. This is a reference to the absolute, which is beyond words, conceptions, and divisions into paths. Paths are relative and can be seen and are useful. Ego says "my" path is the ONE, apart from the others that are false or less. What Krishnamurti signifies with the word "Truth" is beyond, and underlying, and permeating all that is manifest as any kind of energy expressed in any way or form...and can not really be spoken or encapsulated in a term, or signifier. That to which he refers is beyond thought and words and names and forms and space and time. This may be signified by the words, Lord, or God, or Allah, or Christ, or Brahman...or Truth. When this individuates as form it may be known as Jesus, Shiva or Shakti, Buddha,...etc...but the nameless is the unspeakable source of all "seeming" individuations. Not being able to embrace the formless whole through silence, ego grasps the fragment and calls this Lord.

  2. watching a youtube interview, on lucidity, where the interviewer asks him "how", and jk shifts in his chair and says that "how" creates methods and systems, and leads to conflicts and that one method or system better than the other etc........ instead jk says to focus on the obstructions to clarity.....go in and feel/see what is in the mind that creates the images, dogmas, beliefs, desires, attachments, fears

  3. Yes, this is the process of purification.

    The "how" that meditation teaches is the how of how to look inside. Krisnamurti, Shunyamurti, and Tolle teach those who are already well able to focus and have an intellectual and inward capacity. Shunyamurti describes his target audience in his those who are ready to do this...with total committment.
    Along with SwamiRama, Krishnamurti is here suggesting that direct knowledge alone is the real teacher. The only way to have that is to do the practice...of seeing for oneself.
    Jesus statement of this is in the beatitudes: "Blessed are the pure in heart (those who have done the purification), for they shall see God (Truth, reality, life without the impurities of personal fears and desires.
    Yoga is a most comprehensive package because it deals with people at all order to help one prepare the body and mind for sustained concentration and then withdrawal of the senses...opening the way for inner self observation of the activities of the mind on all levels...then to awareness itself byond mind. Shunyamurti speaks for/to those who are ready to see, through contemplation and silence, that the divisions of individuality are merely play coming forth from Brahman, the absolute which precedes all expressions of energy and form.