Thursday, October 22, 2009


what draws people to share their feelings, how does one know instinctively that someone can be trusted..........such questions and thoughts come up when in any given day, moment you find people reaching out and trusting you......who is emitting what kind of energy?


  1. what you have shared is recognizable as Truth beyond words and concepts...something you strivefor. Is it the individual that can be trusted...or the Principle beyond the individual? I expect the ego to do its thing, and the Lord to love all.

  2. the question that comes to mind is "who is the Lord?" or "what is the Lord?" external energy? or an untapped energy within?

  3. If you will contemplate the poem, In and Inbetween...sit with it and bring yourself to its meaning, you will find this answer.

    That which sustains existence both inside and outside is the same omnipresence.