Monday, September 7, 2009

on the train from christchurch to waterloo

Sitting on the train as I head out from Christchurch towards London, Waterloo and on to Harrow………….I recall the last four days which were spent with the two most wonderful people. Meeting them again after many years, I realized that the hospitality, warmth and caring that I saw more than 4o years ago still exists. My uncle and his beautiful wife……..the hot water bottle which she tucks away in your bed, I had forgotten that till I crept into the bed…………the days were spent discovering the small town of Christchurch and its history …………….my recent interest with photography got a great dose of intense lessons as I got an opportunity to follow my uncle as he took his great shots and later on showed me a few techniques on how to enhance the light contrast using the computer software. Her patience with us as she observed the surroundings and recommended some great picture shots…..We were reviewing the pictures one evening, when he looked out the window and said this is a beautiful sunset, I am running out to get some photos……….I jumped up, lest I get left behind………….I had seen the many shots he had taken at the town quay, and wanted to capture some similar ones with my camera……..I watched him with his jacket falling off his shoulders, his scarf hanging on one side, trying to fight his tremors to focus the camera, I smiled to myself, the Parkinson may have affected his memory, and impacted his physical movements, but his passion and eye for photography remains unchanged………I look at his beautiful wife, and noticed the adoration in his eyes, one evening we look through the old family photographs,  the pictures from their first date to when the two children were little to many, many other beautiful shots, her beauty remains eternal, the suave man in the pictures is her hero……….

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