Sunday, July 12, 2009

on train to wien - austria

July 11, 2009

I wake up to the sounds in the apartment, as I open my eyes and look at the clock, I remember that Rosa and Linda must be preparing to leave. I roll out of bed, rubbing my eyes to wake me up, and yes the two fo them are all packed, beds folded away, and we greet each other with Guten Morgan and a big smile………we have spent the last four weeks together, waking up silently and heading out the door at 6. Watching the young blossoming yoga teachers has been very inspiring for me. Both Linda and Rosa are two amazing young girls, at such a young age, to have a centered, loving and caring mindspace is very refreshing. I was both their mother and grandma, as they lovingly referred to me during the intense yoga training, admiring me for the physical flexibility and strength. Linda with her training in esthetics, nutrition and massage was our reference on any of those topics………….the culmination was the facial which Rosa and I received last night. She would be an amazing yoga teacher, her caring and gentleness is combined with compassion and a sense of responsibility………….

Rosa was the second mother to all, including me. Her energy and love just overflows as she takes responsibility and confidently ensures that everyone is being taken care of. Rosa is studying Psychology, and her face just lights up with a beautiful smile when she mentions her family or her favorite island of Spiekeroog………..

As we parted this morning with another last hug and kisses, it was not a goodbye, rather till we meet again. Maybe Amsterdam this fall where Rosa is studying, or Costa Rica in January and of course Toronto………

I look out at the beautiful view from the train window…………the river is flowing alongside the train, reminding me to flow as water and enjoy the present moment…… the train snakes its way , mountains on one side and water on the other, I sit with my eyes glued to the window, humbled and in awe of nature and its beauty………..the houses along the waterway, flowers streaming down from the windowsills................ I am reminded of human nature, and people I have met in my journey through life…….some stand tall like mountains, allowing others to flow along; with love streaming down their being for all to enjoy…………the sun on my face reminds me how blissful this moment is….and I look up from the laptop and then there is another breathtaking view of the lake surrounded by a sprinkling of homes, sailboats and people, with strong and magnificent mountains in the backdrop…………and the journey continues as I decide to turn of the netbook and enjoy the vista.

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