Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinner with Eugenie and Tarek in Vienna

July 21

Last night I met Eugenie (Genie) and her son Tarek. Genie a New Yorker, married to an Egyptian and settled in Vienna. She is a world trekker, including K2, and mentions remote places in Pakistan not visited by many. She loves languages, and the exotic and ethnic dishes of the east......during the eating of dessert we moved on to asking Tarek, and his motor cycle accident in Spain. A cast on, to help heal the broken collar bone and wrist, he vividly described the moments leading to the accident..... his mind and physical state immediately after and with some amusement being moved to the hospital, the xray room, waiting to get some painkiller...... and after much discomfort, hearing the sentence "no trabajo" the xray machine was broken.

....the evening with Mehrus´delicious cooking, great company and the interesting conversation was all wrapped in beautiful music..........each moment of the evening nourishing the soul.

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