Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coffee and a stormy night to watch Carmen in Vienna

Michael and I spent the evening drinking Mexican coffee, with cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla.......we chatted away as we remembered the teacher training and exchanged ideas about yoga, meditation the practice and teaching.......The decadent chocolate cake was worth every bite...........

As I ended a nice evening and said goodbye to Michael, I was anticipating the evening fun to continue in watching the opera "Carmen" at the Rathaus. Midway through the performance the wind started to pick up and Elsie commented that a storm was brewing, and maybe we will be soon had she finished her sentence the rain started. As we all ran towards the shelter, there was no escape from the gushing water that seemed to appear from the sky, and the the ground below was soon a stream of running water.....standing under a canopy with hundreds of others, all I heard was the roar of opera music combined with the squeals and roars of the crowd as the rain and storm gained moments the scene had changed, on the screen and off the screen.......the realization of how fragile we are came back to me as I found my way to the Ubahn, taking respite for a few minutes at a cafe, and then continuing my way through the fallen trees, walking alongside the other wet bodies......... in the train the comment made by other wet passengers was "never seen anything like this before".

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