Sunday, June 28, 2009

Out and about in Bad Mittendorf - Austria

The small town is walk able……the people are very helpful and when approached, they will try and understand, and explain to you in what little English they know. As I walk down the road I see a huge building complex under construction, it brings one to reality that amongst the neat homes and beautifully manicured yards, flowers pouring out of each window sill, there is the expansion of the town into a business. The hotel complex will bring tourists and generate the economy……….I also notice serious cyclists, in their cycling gear.
The train station of Bad Mittendorf Hellbrunn is a quaint little stop, as I walk along I notice the red light at the railway crossing, I wait near the train tracks, and see the train silently approach the station………the red color of the train, stands out against the greenery and the backdrop of the mountains………..
Two young boys on their bikes, one of them stretches out his arm, as if to say see no hands, and gives me a high five as he passes…………the young girls, chattering, cell phones and ipods in their hands, pause and greet me. Refreshing to see this response from the children. I wonder if this is a small town synergy or do they consider me hip as I also have my little shuffle and ear phones………..
Michael one of the yoga students mentions that a restaurant serves delicious smoke fish…………he decides to take Rosa, Linda and myself by the alternate route thru the forest….an interesting hike, with rain and mud puddles, we have our umbrellas and walk along, hungry and anticipating the dinner. Mosthutte is a restaurant which opens only on Monday and Friday evenings………… made of log wood, We decide to sit on the patio, the cool air soon drives us inside as we enjoy the warmth of the wood stove and ambiance inside which is reflecting the warmth of the wood. The smoked fish is amazingly delicious, served on a wooden board with nice dark German bread. Each moment of the evening and each bite of the fish is savored, as we talk and continue to share our experiences of life.


  1. Why are there sheeps and horses in the signs?

  2. i am still working on my germn to understand this one.....