Sunday, December 21, 2008

December thoughts

December is a beautiful month, this month the brain gets hijacked by the flashes of light against the backdrop of snow, hurried footsteps, pre-occupied anticipation or lost in memories of past years.......maybe hope for the holidays and the upcoming year.

When I look at my son, life's gift to me in December, and remember that he made me a mother, my gratitude grows manifolds. The words end here, for to say any more about this subject will be taking away from the magnitude of this gift.

Gratitude can be expressed in the two words "thank you", but the essence of gratitude is a deeper sense of appreciation. Towards all who have contributed to put the food on our table, a roof over our heads and joy in our hearts. The gush of gratitude arises in us sometimes unexpectedly, you know it, when even in the middle of a blizzard you look up and smile, this is gratitude.

I have met people who reflect gratitude in their overall mannerism and approach to life, some are quiet and some are full of outward energy. A person who carries the essence of gratitude makes everyone else feel special. If you pause long enough to notice, you might find that in the presence of such a person you are surrounded by a warm blanket of kindness.

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