Saturday, November 22, 2008

thoughts from Nov 22
as i walked out this morning, the cold winter air made me gasp, and i caught my thoughts in the midst of their reaction. it was like a conscious manoeuvring to keep them on the positive track. i smiled as i walked along and the positive track of my thoughts helped me smile and remind myself how fortunate i was to be able to walk, look and enjoy this moment as i take each step. i carefully dodged all the ice on the sidewalk, as i was reminded of last winter. i had slipped more than once, and have now learned to focus on my path as i walk.

many thoughts came to mind this morning. i think of people that i meet on a regular basis, how unaware they/we are in our daily interactions. unaware that we are acting or reacting from our ego point and not from an inner space of graciousness. what does graciousness look like, for me it could be viewing a situation from many angles, the least of them would be from the point of view of vested interest and self promotion.

i gently bring my thoughts back to the moment, i am outdoors, the sun is shining, i feel energetic, my stomach is full and my mind is empty. i feel completely relaxed, as i say to myself life is and i am.

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