Sunday, November 30, 2008

thoughts for month ending - november 30th
as i watched the news, i realized there was not one good news reported in the headlines. has the world become a place of tragedy and violence? whether through the sources of man-made weapons, or the force of nature. the impact of a tragedy results in death and destruction, yet generates different reaction. the impact of human violence results in fear, which turns to hurt followed by anger against the perpetrators.

the mumbai tragedy, will live in the minds and hearts of many. in the upcoming months, investigations and explanations will surface. we know that it will not undo the loss and pain, just give more reason for people to hate and discriminate. the news, crew will move on to cover another tragedy somewhere else, and the viewers will hear another story another day. as we hold the vigils, and say our prayers and express our condolences to share the grief..........can we promise, as homage to the lost lives, to remind ourselves everyday: i will stop and appreciate all i have, to replace my emotional and material greed with contentment............we are contributing to a better human race and a better world.

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