Monday, November 3, 2008

November - day 3 thoughts

it is a beautiful night out i thought to myself, and decided to take the long way home.

as i was meandering, i thought that lately i had been noticing a difference in how i view life. when i find myself getting stuck, i review my reaction and realize that mostly i get stuck when i have a sense of entitlement buried somewhere, if i am able to change the entitlement to a sense of gratitude, everything eases off, and i can feel myself having lots of space to move away from where i am feeling stuck.

to relate something i noticed as i walked home today. a cyclist was trying to cross a major intersection, but not at the traffic light, instead she wanted to zip across at a random point. the few cars going in one direction were not stopping, to allow the cyclist, who was already in the middle of the road, to complete her crossing. this cyclist was very annoyed, and the words coming out of her mouth were evidence of her annoyance......... i thought to myself, yes it would have been nice if at least one motorist had stopped to allow her to complete her crossing. then i focused on her attitude. it seemed that she was feeling a sense of entitlement, that somehow the traffic should be stopping for her, hence her anger. .......... in my mind i completed the scenario, of this person carrying all this anger with her, who knows for how long, and how it would manifest. the cyclist had two options, one was to cross at the traffic light, and the other was to drop her sense of entitlement, either option would have benefited her.......... witnessing this scene, and processing the reaction of the cyclist, reminded me how simple life becomes when i remember to approach the moments of a day with a sense of gratitude.

i realized that everyone finds their own way of developing gratitude, for me it has developed through daily practice of mindful meditation and living consciously in the moment.

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