Saturday, November 1, 2008

November - day 1 thoughts

yesterday, october 31st turned out to be an amazing day. the weather hit a balmy 18 degrees C, in my life time of some 31 years in toronto, i cannot remember any halloween being this warm.

things were kind of quiet at work, the economy and the other stuff have kept the mood mellow. so i decided to lighten up the mood and went around with my $1 pumpkin mask........... it was worth it, as I poked my face into offices and looked over the cubicles........the moment that they saw this pumpkin face, people burst out laughing.

the evening was spent with family, and i had a great time watching the children, it brought back pleasant memories of halloween past...............when our children, who are now young adults, were running around with their bags, collecting treats while us parents were walked with them and sensed their excitement........ a deep sense of gratitude filled my mindspace, gratitude for having experienced the past with the children and being here to share the present, the role has changed, the fun remains.

our minds believe the thoughts we put in the mindspace. it is known that the thoughts create the feelings which in turn become the actions and behavior that forms our personality. i wonder if we remind ourself everyday, that i have what i want, and i want what i have, will this manifest itself into abundance or contentment? it is what i am reading and hearing from certain, writers, speakers, and people who have done research in this field. so i am experimenting. <i live and have the 5 star of abundance, good health, wealth, family, friends and joy> let these thoughts manifest my life.

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