Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mantra of Effort and Ease in Yoga

Patanjali Sutra 2:46 “sthira sukham asanam”, says “postures should be stable and comfortable”.  Or we hear the words “effort and ease”.

How many ways does this sutra guide or help us? 

How about making the “effort” to roll out the yoga mat or go to a yoga session.  Once on our mat, an “ease” as simple as “i am here”  can set in. 
Listening to a teacher lead the session might be an “effort”, thoughts like “I want to do my own version or the version taught by another teacher” can arise. It takes “effort” to move beyond these judgemental thoughts.  Exhale and for now listen to the words of the teacher, and also listen to your body.  Release any effort that it takes to hold a thought and just move.  

Once you find yourself in the shape of a yoga form, ease into it by focusing on the breath, "release any gripping", for now, breathe out. 

Don't look at the person next to you or into a mirror.  It will bring back the thoughts.  

Listen to your body, maybe it's time to take a pause and go into a child pose. Or listen to the teacher and move into another form.  Exhale as you pause into the ease.  Then again challenge yourself, with compassion and not judgement of self or another.

Let the mantra of "effort and ease" guide you in your practice.  

Take that thought and feeling into your day, in your interactions.  
End of the day write write how the day went, how this focus on “effort and ease” made you feel, made others feel? Did you achieve more with less? Was the day “effortless”, or did you feel you  were in a “flow?”

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