Monday, January 2, 2017

My soul shed the body and walked away

Niyamas - the inner observances, what we think, how we feel, our actions and behaviour when no one is watching.  Who am I? What is the inner Self? These are some of the questions I ask.  

When questions arise we begin the quest to find the answers in the teachings, and seek out teachers/experiences.  
The body and the mind is merely seeking - to remember what the heart already knows.
The unknown is known by the heart - the seat of the soul
Sometimes in our seeking, in the unknown,  we meet our soul our truth.

The thoughts are also processed through their observance.  In the light of "watching" the thoughts begin to loosen their grip.  We begin to find a pause, a space within ourself.  A moment(s) of contentment. 

Self-discipline (Tapas) becomes the key to open this door into the "Self."  

The "pattern" which is created by using Tapas (self discipline), allows Saucha (purification of thoughts) and brings about Santosha (contentment).  

Find a technique, teaching or teacher, which resonates and cultivate the discipline to study the "Self".   

Ishvara Pranidhana becomes a way of being.  The essence of surrender is tasted and felt.   

What are the Niyamas, and how they define our values, then become us and we become them.  

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