Monday, May 11, 2015

Why a day!

Life itself is the celebration, then why only a day to acknowledge?

It seems that the day called "Mothers Day" is a day celebrated to say "thank you" to our mothers.  Even though many consider this to be a "hallmark" holiday, the show of love and appreciation makes it special.   The effect of the expression accumulates and symbolically seems like an 'overflow of the river of love'.

The sun sets on the day, the hearts soften and open.

Each heart and each expression of love is infused with the raw unconditional love.  It's expressed by children and their children towards their mothers and their mothers.

Those alive and those not, all are remembered. 
I wonder if the energy of the day could be captured! The world, the inner and all outer ones will light up. 

So yes pause and acknowledge.   Every moment, every day, and then why not express it collectively.  

In all it itty, gritty, messy, way this is the joy.   Being a mother is the start and continuation of life.  

It's a love shown to the other through thoughtfulness, nurturing, and well being of self and the other.

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