Saturday, April 4, 2015

Living with passion

To find the life purpose is to find what we like to do, and how we like to live when we are by ourself, it is our ‘passion'.  It is not to show outwardly, to brag, or to impress.   

When we are focused only on the outward then we are not fulfilling the purpose.  The result or the goal is an outcome and cannot be the life purpose.  

Be with people and around others but be equally with yourself.  
Say little, listen more. 
Let another find their own answer and their own path.  
When asked, help the other, if you cannot then say it.  
Come from a place of knowing yourself, your doubts and fears.  
Work through the fears and doubts. Doubts are are at times intuition. 
Live within your ‘means', in any given moment, be they financial, mental, emotional, or even the limitations of the body.  
Make regular efforts to extend and or maintain the edges, the boundary, of these ‘means’ and  limitations.  
Just like a daily practice of physical exercise for the body, also do breath exercises.  
Learn through books and learn by seeing yourself and others.  
The heart is the centre of the spirit feel from here.  
Feel compassion.  
The third eye is the home of the soul, see from here and paths will open.  
Move and travel to new places so you can see yourself through many 'mirrors'.  
See the story, create a new story through living your passion. 

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