Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A day beyond time and space...

Some time it seems there is no time keeper.  The day unfolds as eyes open, and it closes as eyes shut. 

A continuous flow - energy has opportunity to flow, unbound and unrestricted. 

I walk under trees, through winding paths, buoyant and light. 

A tall sunflower, I see leaves in a tree starting to fray their edges. 

In a food court I grab a tea and a croissant.  Watching people eat. 
I wonder if their thoughts are aligned with each bite.   They look busy.  Probably keeping up with the demands on their physical, mental, and emotional energies.   I see myself in them.  For now I am an observer, removed and distant. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sometimes when we revisit our state of mind which we recorded at a given time it gives us a "benchmark".  Where we can see ourself.  It's a perspective.  

Seven years later...I see this!
Today/ this month is another day to write a note to self.