Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue skies, warm days by the water, and just some thoughts...

The world and its habitation are similar.  
We travel, we see and ask of ourselves - where is it that I want to be, and around who?

A planned trip to Colorado, to feel the spectacular Rocky Mountains.   The yoga workshop was an excuse; the people and connections a reason and a reminder to life and its beauty.  I could have been disappointed that one weekend of sessions got cancelled, instead I took it as an opportunity to fulfill a life long dream of visiting San Francisco.

A day can become a lifetime, I feel I will return.

I spent less than 24 hours in Ojai.   To visit an old family friend who I have known since I was born.  His lifestyle, quietness and being in the grounds where Krishnamurti lived, made the trip more than just memorable.

The drive to Ojai from LA was only a couple of hours.  We were driving on the Pacific Coast Highway aka PCH, along the way a stopover to feel the sand, stretch into yoga, and inhale the ocean.

Many years ago driving south on the PCH I had witnessed a breathtaking view, as the red Mazda Miata hugged a curve and we faced the water.   I remember catching my  breath, Wow!   For a moment it felt that we were going to drive right over the ocean.

Summer in Toronto.  The place full of family and of friends.  Former work colleagues, where new encounters and many lifetimes of connections are rekindled.  

I am asked to facilitate Reiki, each time I become a vessel to facilitate the universal life energy to flow, many layers open,  each spirit finds its healing.   We embody emotions, with their release the spirit and body align,  all become one.  

Summer in the city continues...

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