Thursday, July 25, 2013


An early morning allowed me to view a spectacular sunrise.  I get those few moments to meditate.  

The back pack is my physical luggage.  I scan the long line of early morning travelers.  Each carrying or pulling their precious belongings. 

I wonder at myself and see the reflection of our preparedness.  We are evolved in to people who are always prepared.  Yet how much does that prepare us for the unexpected? Remind myself to continue to read "The Black Swan", by Nassim Taleb.

I arrive at Denver.  The airport terminals carry a certain energy.  They have the freshness of a unique architecture and the familiarity of known brands.   

Impermanence surfaces through each meeting and parting.  

Crowds blend into a river of people unless one pauses and wonder how alike we all are. Yet no two story really the same.  We can never truly feel what the other is feeling.   We do want to get closer to the feelings of the other.
Our filters are a mesh of our own experiences.
Compassion comes to mind.  We feed the concept of compassion.   

Wondering, and absorbing the energy of this city, state, I look up at a wall...this is the airport, and this is what I see...

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