Wednesday, April 10, 2013

View from above - @30,000 feet

Norwegian airlines offers free wifi on board its aircrafts as I fly from London to Malaga, Spain.

Some 30,000 feet in the air...where I wrote an email to a student interested in the upcoming yoga teacher training, face booked messaged a friend in Malaga and chatted on Whatsapp with a friend in New York! Technology in all its form is mind boggling. We only need to pause for just a moment to appreciate.

A week ago I reached London, met up with Mary at Victoria station and arrived at the home of the Raza girls. The past week was spent doing what! Basically nothing on one hand and so much on the other. For me this home is a home away from home. Over the last thirty years I have dropped in and out of their home, always nourished and nurtured. Loads of laughter and the most delicious food...philosophical discussions, singing and dancing and recalling our family connections with all the wonderful time that we have shared.

It is no surprise that Mary, who wanted to begin her own self discovery journey should start her first chapter in this home. Her energy is already vibrating on a different frequency. She has been nourished and grounded to say the least. In London she experienced life with a family of Eastern origin. An amalgamation of how healthy a meeting of cultures can be when we understand our values and our modes of operation.

And now in flight, an hour from landing in Malaga, where another chapter will begin. I pause to appreciate how fortunate it is to be alive. To live and feel the varying emotions of meetings and partings, dreams fulfilled and those hopes, and accepting what has been shared and cannot be anymore.

In all these moments, one can only show gratitude...we can only remember what we have so deeply felt, in both our agony and the ecstasy...

@30,000 feet in the air, its all in perspective...

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