Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Power of Seven

Question: "so how do i loose weight, can yoga help me loose this extra weight,…………………."

This morning brought these suggestion, follow using your own understanding...  IF you want to use Yoga as the trigger or motivator, then keep in your awareness these two contracts each of us has with the Universe:

  1. Non-harming, (this includes non-violence, non-judgement towards self and others)
  2. Truthfulness (using the guidelines of point number one)
Here is the power of 7:  Each week is from day one to six, on day 7, you continue to do what you choose.

Week 1:
Days 1 to 6 write everything you put in your mouth.  Before you go to sleep, pause and repeat three times "i love my mind, body and spirit".   Day 7 , don't write

Week 2:
Repeat Week 1 
Plus before you put anything in your mouth, pause take 5 deep breaths, close your eyes and say "nourish me".

Week 3:
Repeat Week 1 and 2, in addition double your awareness of taking the deep breaths, and half what you put in you mouth.  As an example, instead of one slice of bread make it half, or you may choose the number of meals, instead of three meals have one and a half meal, whatever you eat and drink make it half, you get the idea.

Week 4:
Repeat weeks 1, 2 and 3, plus begin daily walks of about half an hour.  You are bringing movement, so if walk is not possible, then find whatever movement works for you, put on some music and sway to the music.    Remember that you are still doing what you did in the first 3 weeks (including one day of doing or not not doing whatever you choose.   Daily review the two points of non-violence and truthfulness, to ensure that you are in union).  Once again by day 7, you have the choice to do or not to do anything.  

Weeks 5 and 6:
Repeat weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.  In addition include in your writing your thoughts and feelings.  Choose your time, at the end of the day, early morning or midday, just sit and write your thoughts and feelings.  

Week 7:
Repeat weeks 1 to 6, from days 1 to 6.  Remember day 7 is your day to BE, whatever you choose to do or not do, including following any of the suggestions for the the Power of Seven.  

Repeat the above seven weeks for another seven week cycle.  In about 7 months you can choose to continue with the suggestions outlined above.  If you plan to continue then the only part which you will change is the week 3, you can see why, if we keep making the food intake half,  there is chance of starvation.  Instead replace week 3 suggestion by sharing whatever or how much you eat the same amount with another person.  It could  be in the form of food bank, or shelter, or anyone in your neighborhood.   Whatever groceries you do, give an equal amount to someone else.

The weight and life management happens with building the awareness in focused breathing, food and thought management, bringing movement and sharing into our life…hence yoga becomes a practice off the mat…finding time space and a teacher to guide the practise on the mat, is another choice we all make...

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