Monday, July 26, 2010

Sara and Zeb got married - July 17

a marriage happens.........
When two people meet and find that the meeting is really an extension of their spirit and soul an inner knowing happens........a connection that happens at the soul level, when given the right space and time is transformed in to the outer form.  The union of the forms is a celebration. 
We live amongst friends, family, community and society, and any celebration includes all the near and dear ones.............such was a celebration that happened this weekend, of July 2010.  The union of two souls, two families and the reunion of many friends.  Amongst much  laughter, dancing, and joy we all participated in a fun filled week.  The preparation was as much fun as the ceremonies.  Clothes were brought out of the closets, many outfits were tried on and a few selected  for each occasion.  Henna adorned the hands and body, and jewelery completed the attires.  Camera in hand, we all posed for each other ............capturing each moment, to be shared as beautiful memories.........some memories were let go, to make space for new ones.

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