Sunday, June 27, 2010

back in toronto.......

......the flight back to toronto, was smooth........i spent the time watching two movies, and when the pilot announced the descent in to toronto, i caught myself surprised......where did the five hours go?.... which brings me to the thought "where did the last three months go?"

the saying "home is where the heart is", is very accurate, except, when the heart is in many places, and physical spaces, separated by large time dimensions, then could it be possible that one has many homes, and hence many hearts?......i am a heart, where life lives.

the summer in the city, smell of fresh cut grass, the quietness of the day, and the languid heart is happy, and in this moment of oneness, there is only gratitude and in the past, longing for what is over, takes away the pleasure of enjoying what the present offers....i am here and now, and now is here.

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