Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Our Changing Sky -Sun in Aquarius - Jan 19 2010 to February 18 2010"

I don't understand the science behind Astrology,  yet I enjoy reading astrological web sites........

Yesterday a dear Aquarian, formalized her relationship and announced her  an interesting conversation I had over dinner with Jafer.....we explored how and what is meant by finding the right person, the idea of relationships, the premises of dating, attraction and sustaining the attraction, people getting hurt, etc, I am  inspired to share these words..:........

"In this burgeoning Age of Aquarius we are called upon to recognize that we are more than organic beings bound up by a past filled with old values, memories and wounds. We are, rather, visitors from the future in the process of creating ourselves with our every thought and word. As we free ourselves from physical labor and connect our minds with new technologies, we are no longer bound by traditional ideas of order. We become fully human and free to love without fear or possessiveness."
Jeff Jawer

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