Thursday, December 30, 2010

dogs too have feelings...

i look at Caramel, she is a content dog most of the time, and then some feelings are evoked in her, and she comes over, and lies down next to me, her foot on my feet, and she wants attention, so if i am eating or typing it is not possible as she will hook her nose under my elbow and keep pushing my arm...those eyes, i look at her, and i kiss her, and so want to share her thoughts and feelings...she hangs her head over my arm and sits there for a long time...

i heard that this morning she was dreaming and kept making some noise, it was an interesting night for me as well, i had some visits, i shared some time with the loved ones, then why was i left with a disturbed energy...

water helps, and finally in the night i decided to go in to the warm pool, i was alone, swimming and as i lay in savasana, in the water, some peace engulfed me....

tomorrow is the 31st, and as i recap this year, 2010...i want to release, what is it that i am holding, hidden from the consciousness...

i choose to recall the best that life offered, the transformations that happened, the relationships that deepened, and the hearts that healed...

tomorrow is another day and tonight i sleep...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

in meditation at Rancho Margot...

...the power of the flowing river, the river next to the yoga platform...i walk in to this space after two months, the energy is so overpowering that i bow my head in front of the altar, deeply inhaling the energy of the flowing river i am able to move to the mat and share the practice with the three souls who had requested to practice with me...i watch the flowing water and allow my thoughts to flow...

today i sit in meditation, at the same spot which brings back many past shared yoga practice, do we hold onto our memories or is there some energy that hovers, i see a white tent and the vision of a person, in savasana...the meditation ends the wondering continues...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

after 372 years...

the full lunar eclipse and the winter solstice coincide...what a i meditate and share the watching of the lunar eclipse in the night sky from the land of Toronto, Canada...i wondered many times where are you my friend, were you able to view this beauty, are you on the side of the earth that casts its shadow on the moon, or are you able to see the full moon... these are just my thoughts, not expecting any answers...

between the meditation, updating the Nasa Twitter page and my facebook page, alone with my feelings as i watch the beautiful night sky of Toronto...and then the final surrender of the moon...allowing the earth to cast its shadow, the moon is letting go of its brilliant 3 in the morning i try to sleep, but i have changed, some healing happened as i stood in the Toronto cold air watching the night sky...and i cannot sleep...the whole day i felt a sense of peace engulfing my very sense of being...and now i sit in front of the fireplace, re-capping the last 24 hours...have words ever been able to capture the feelings, why yes, some very articulate poets and writers are able to express their feeling in words...

i spent this evening with friends as we released into the fire, stuff that does not suit our purpose in life...i held the space, or maybe i did not have any more to release...i am sure that is my ego speaking, there is always stuff to be let go, in order to live life fully, and understand and be in each moment, there is always release waiting to happen,,,but i held the space for others...i feel a sense of peace, the union of this eclipse has united me, this peace that engulfs me is an attestation.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a new home....the surroundings are new, the love is the same...

life is always moving and changing...we watch and live each moment...and sometime in that moment are shared the tears of goodbye...the intensity of feeling, in that moment of parting when we smile, smile through our tears...Asim and Kamila, you will continue to build your life with love and amazing memories in your beautiful home...

my heart and home is always open, and yours to enter...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

so whats in a name, you ask...

the name i have recognized to associate with and answer to (besides, hey you, ama, khala, phups, auntie, yoga mama, sweetheart, sunshine and lotus and some not to be mentioned) is the name "irum":  pronounced ir- rum...
in the last year i love the way Spanish and French speaking call me ee room

here is what Wikipedia says about the name:
"In Persian folklore it also refers to the story of King Shedad who wanted to compete with God and said that he would create Baghe 'Irum'(heaven on earth).To create this heaven he used up all his wealth and power even snatching from the poor.  He made it so beautiful that it was heard to have fountains of wine and milk and rocks of the most precious gems that one could ever imagine. His cruelty is said to have upset God and God decided to punish him,so that he would never lay eyes on Irum. Just when Shedad was about to enter the gates of Irum he tripped on the steps and died on the spot.  Irum is said to have been so beautiful that even God adored it and decided to make it one of the seven heavens in the sky.
Irum means paradise on earth that God adored so much that he decided to make it the heaven on sky for eternity."
my grandfather would recite the following lines to me: 
جدھر تیرا نکش ا قدم دیکھتا ہوں خرراما خرراما  ارم دیکھتا ہوں
wherever i see your footsteps, there, slowly unveils paradise
and so i got the name "irum"...recently someone in Israel, gave me the meaning of my name, I thought let me clarify and Wiki says it means "thoughtful" in Hebrew...I also met someone who has been to Korea and she said it means "name" in Korean...i hear it is also a name in Turkish;  with the "h" silent, Hiram is a Spanish name.
Who is this Irum? do i see myself: uncomplicated, ordinary in a different or rather unusual way...nurturing, romantic and sensuous in my relationships...flowing, i love to flow in the moment, through my day, in the doing and in life...pauses, yes i pause a lot, not because i daydream or get lost in my mind instead its the moment that grabs my attention and sometime in the middle of a conversation or while i am doing something i will pause, and that moment becomes eternal...
i am left-handed, my brain config is what it is and i have recognized it and love it...why? cos thats all i know in any given moment...what is home to this brain/mind is thoughts can be my love or my enemy, i am their observer...the relationship i have with my thoughts is explained in these modified lines: "i can live, with or without you"...(b.t.w i think U2 has sung the best version of this song)
and Yes, People...children, friends, their families, family of souls, yoga friends...The Earth and the Sky and all it contains, the sun and the moon (even when they are hidden from the eye)... food, chocolates, my breath, the yoga ALL i ask solitude and when amongst people, i exist only in each moment...and so a BIG THANK YOU to LIFE and y siempre
life, did you reach out to me or i to question and no answer...
we dance in union...
together we came and together we part...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

a birthday...a reminder...a soul full of love

at 8:20 pm on Dec 12, a soul entered this a new mother, i did not know what to new parents on our own, we did not know what to do, except rejoice and share the joy with our family and friends...the first son born to his first son...this was the lineage from his paternal the joy was manifold...the love of our life continued to be shared with everyone...

today is a blessing for me to hug you and kiss you, esp on your birthday...

Asim  the "Protector", your gentleness is what warms our hearts and wins a little child you were playing and your grandfather looked at you and said "if i had a kingdom, he is my heir"...when i told you this story this morning you laughed and said, "wow he just by-passed his 5 sons"...this morning Kamila  hugged me and thanked me "ama, thank you for your wonderful son.....", and yes Asim, Kamila is her namesake "Perfect" as you are perfect for each other, the union is complete...your wedding anniversary is also this month, so many blessings to you both, as you continue your joyful journey, enjoying every moment, making each moment precious...when we feel the love in our hearts it overflows and engulfs all around us....please continue loving and sharing your love for each other with all you touch...Happy Birthday

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

is there a world without borders

November 19, 2010

Walking across from one country to another…the ground, the feel of the earth never changes, and I envision a world where people are allowed to be, free to move around, free to live, with only one desire - to share and give, and ask the other “how may I serve you”...

Walking from Israel to Sinai, from Sinai back to Israel, and into Jordan…the only duality were the signs separating, dividing and creating obstacles through passport checks, border taxes and the manifold security checks. 

We crossed into Jordan, and the feeling was of peace, soon to be replaced with another feeling, more of confusion as the hordes of people tried to persuade us to pay a sum of money we thought was too high, maybe for our budget, for the transportation to Aqaba,  and to Petra, our final destination in Jordan.   When we asked if we could take a public bus to Petra, we were told that due to Eid holidays the buses were on a minimum schedule hence we will not find one at this hour.    We looked at each other, then we both had an uncomfortable feeling,  were we being jipped?  So we decide to turn around and return to Israel.  At that point an officer intervened and we were given a “better” price for our ride to Petra.  It is always a great ability to flow and be in the moment, and soon we were on our way. Stopping in Aqaba for a great meal and a quick walk about in their bazaar to buy delicious nuts.   Our driver Isaac or Issa was very friendly, and soon we were sharing as if we were old friends.

The hotel we stayed in Petra, Moon Valley Hotel….great value, with hot showers,  comfortable beds, clean toilets, and warmth and friendliness in the staff.  As we shared many “sheeshas” or nargilas together, meeting people, sharing their stories, including one person who wanted to buy me by suggesting a price of 12 camels, both Frederick and i had a good laugh as we realized their sense of humor.

The trip to Petra, invoked many feelings and the day started with an interesting twist.  The unfolding of the events were made clear when we were in Petra, on the horseback, enjoying the magnificent views, including the sunset.  At one point our guide took us to a precipice, the few quiet moments as we sat there, invoked a feeling as if we were flying.    An amazing lightness of being…later down below,  we faced the treasury, with the moonlight  reflecting on the pillars and the building carved in the mountain, the guide said “look at the top, that is where you were sitting”…it became clear the feeling of sitting on top of the world, in abundance and the feeling of soaring with that abundance…walking through the Siq, not many tourists remaining at that time, was a walk through a magical wonderland.  I looked up and saw Venus, perched on top of the mountain peak, the almost full moon shining, lighting our path.  I turn around and Frederick says, look to your right, I look up at the face in the mountain, so chiseled, the shadow creating the effect of dark hair, it was surreal...we looked, mesmerized and  the eyes which seemed to be closed, opened…no word remain to describe the feeling of that moment.  Petra, the seventh wonder of the world, became the most wondrous place at that moment.

The Treasury at Petra
The Treasury at Petra
Location:Ma'an GovernorateJordan
Coordinates:30°19′43″N 35°26′31″ECoordinates30°19′43″N 35°26′31″E
Elevation:810m (2,700 ft)
Settled:7000 B.C.[1]
Built:1200 B.C.[1]
Visitation:580,000 (2007)
Governing body:Petra Region Authority
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Criteria:i, iii, iv
Designated:1985 (9th session)
Reference #:326
State Party: Jordan
Region:Arab States
Petra is located in Jordan
Location of Petra in Jordan
Petra (Greek "πέτρα" (petra), meaning rockArabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ) is a historical and archaeologicalcity in the Jordanian governorate of Ma'an that is known for its rock cut architecture and water conduits system. Established sometime around the 6th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans,[2] it is a symbol of Jordan as well as its most visited tourism attraction.[2] It lies on the slope of Mount Hor[3]in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the large valley running from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.
The site remained unknown to the Western world until 1812, when it was introduced by Swiss explorerJohann Ludwig Burckhardt. It was described as "a rose-red city half as old as time" in a Newdigate Prize-winning sonnet by John William BurgonUNESCO has described it as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage."[4] Petra was chosen by the BBC as one of "the 40 places you have to see before you die".[5]


Saturday, December 4, 2010

the angels amongst us....

an ambassador for the airline...
i spoke to Steven on the air canada this person for i biased because he gave me such good service?

it was in the conversation...he was "solving my problem" and not just interested in selling a seat, making a reservation and hanging up.  what helped him too was there was no deadline on him by his supervisors with a timer on his computer and later on being reprimanded for spending more than the "company allocated" time with a customer...
he shared a story or two of his encounters with other travellers and we spoke for a while...

i hope he wrote down the name "rancho margot"...and maybe we meet there to continue our conversation...the healing for the earth will continue with the healing of the souls, and the angels amongst us will facilitate this...

Monday, November 29, 2010

walk into the sunset

as the sun is setting...i look towards the sky... i am reminded of the many sunsets i have witnessed...the earth is always the same...yet our perspective changes depending on our physical location, the associations, and the people around...
the eye is the same, but am i the same

Thursday, November 25, 2010



...and i return home to Toronto

The journey of a lifetime always begins with that first step.  I took that step, many times in many directions...the journey on Dec 2, 2009 which took me to Rancho Margot, was another life changing journey.  I discovered a piece of paradise, with the slogan "where the middle of nowhere is somewhere"...

October 24th, I ventured on a journey, with a soul, in other words we had "one life, one love and one hope" for humanity...the first stop in this journey was unplanned, yet very enjoyable...Continental offered us a night at their expense, and we spent the day exploring Manhattan.  Listening to a concert in Central Park, eating hot dog.  "The sun was shining, and the weather was sweet" as I lay on the grass, engulfed with a feeling of bliss...

Onwards we continue to meet a family in Antwerp, Belgium; it felt more like a reunion, was there never a separation.  The warmth, love, generosity and the welcome shown by Nadine Herz.  the waves coming to shore...

November 4th, we embarked on our flight to Tel Aviv...once we had moved away from the airport terminal, the soil welcomed us.  At the Budget car rental, at 2 am in the morning, the staff felt like family...we were all sitting by the curb, looking up the directions to the apartment in Jerusalem...and Frederick decided it was time to do his yoga, including a headstand...the scene seemed so normal and homely.  Does everyone not do what we did at that car rental place, Lamalo? (Hebrew for why not)...

Jerusalem...the apartment we stayed, thanks to Nadines' cousin the night time, maybe 3 in the morning,  driving around, feeling the place as we searched for the apartment.  Waking up to yoga, and on to the old city and the western wall.  We walked, we looked, on a roof top we sat in  meditation, we heard and saw the symbolism of the three major religions, in one space; and my heart said "YES" there is oneness, and one day "we will all live as one"...

The afternoon at the Dead Sea, the healing of the water and the body mud mask was another amazing added to the list...Makseem.  We met some interesting people, so generous in their sharing of a delicious, freshly cooked lunch.. and so we did yoga on the sand...more connections made, and the human family continues to grow.

We decided to drive towards Elat, and actually  made it there by 11 in the night.  After checking out places to stay, and not deciding on where, did we really want to pay Hilton price, I can resist anything but temptation...we walk away...instead sat at a restaurant by the water, and smoked shisha and drank Bedouin tea till 3 in the morning.  We invited a young couple to join us, and shared many laughs with them...what do you do at 3 in the morning, find your car and sleep in the parking lot...great sleep it was.  

At the bus stop the next day, we meet Roman and Sivan...later shared a laughter, and the bus drivers' annoyance as I chased an apple that has rolled out of my bag, it was never found...but we found a foursome, and spent the next 5 days or so together in Sinai, in Ras Sataan and Mondial...the word for this trip was "shuaya shuaya", or like Sivan said "akuna matata"...sitting by the Red Sea, smoking Shisha, eating, chatting, sharing our inner fears and our desires, life experiences, who knows what, each day and each moment flowed into the next.  Many firsts...learning billiard, smoking a joint and the yoga practice after 3 puffs...we enjoyed a great yoga session with the few people who joined night the big meal we ordered, that lasted into the lunch the next day...the Egyptian who shared how successful he was and suggested that I should stay back and he will look after me...
or Omer, who found Frederick in yoga, and spent the next half day chatting, he also invited us to his home and served us tea and gave us two beautiful postcards...he was very proud of his 3 children and we saw their video on his phone.  As tradition of that culture, you never get to see the wife. 

One cannot leave Dr. Sheesh Kabab out of the story of Neweba, a half hour walk from Mondial...what a great guy, he entertained us as he bar-b-qued, spoke about his ideas of the world, and we saw a man living with his heart. 

This was the spot where we met Mario, and moved on to St. Katherine and Dahab...Mario, what a, technical diving instructor, who had seen success in his businesses, and was now living between Egypt, Germany and Croatia...Mario guided us on up the Mount Sinai, a 3 hour trek, and we made it in time to see a beautiful sunset. 

The spot we stayed in St. Katherine, the first night the boys joined a group on the street playing soccer, and for the remaining days, we saw familiar faces from that group as we walked around the small town. 

Next morning a yoga practice with Mario, and we took the cab to Dahab.  A touristy place only as a refreshing change...the 20 meter dive that Frederick did with Mario, he was exhilarated...the half an hour I spent with Mario, in the water, getting my first feel of diving, another first for me...the next morning we packed up, said good-bye to Mario and headed towards the bus station to make our way back to the border between Israel and Egypt, Taba...the border was closed till 9 that evening, so we spent 6 hours with four other people, and shared their stories, an Arab women asserting her individuality in a a traditional family, a New Yorker of Hispanic background, full of energy as she sang rap, and the couple from UK, who inspired us to visit Petra.  That night we spent at Taba Sands Hotel, great value, and a beautiful hotel...leaving us so refreshed that when we crossed into Israel, we immediately took a cab to the border of Jordan...

Petra, Jordan a memorable place...learning our lesson, when we thought we were on the right path, but not...we became the observer in a situation where we were the players... the horseback ride to the top, sitting or rather flying on top of the world, and we later found out that we were sitting on top of the treasury, was that the reason we felt the abundance and lightness? it seemed we flew?  The guide walked us down, taking us through some breath taking views, he held my hand as he wanted me to walk/run fast, it was getting dark and we needed to be out of the gate...we had to slow down once we came in front of the treasury, it was again shuaya shuaya, the moon guided us, as Venus sat perched on top of one of the words can capture the feeling, especially when we paused and looked up and the stones we stood mesmerised looking at the face in the stone, the eyes seems to open and look down at us...

many connections made, time will unveil those connections...we travelled back to Elat, rented a car, bought our favorite falafel from the shop in the bus terminal and drove towards the Sea of Galilee...the Dead Sea was not to be bypassed, and in full moonlight we absorbed the beauty and the feel of the water...I released, the journey and any attachments, it is always very powerful when the release happens in the moment, rather than later...that night we slept by the Sea of Galilee...One of Jesus' famous teaching episodes, the Sermon on the Mount, is supposed to have been given on a hill overlooking the lake. Many of his miracles are also said to have occurred here including his walking on water, calming the storm, and his feeding five thousand people (in Tabgha) ~Wikipedia~
we slept in the car in a parking lot, to the soft sounds of the water lapping the shore below...the next day we drove into a camp site, and spent most of the morning, in meditation, yoga and took the opportunity of the showers to wash ourselves and some of our clothes...the sun and dryness of the region always helps to dry the clothes quickly...nourished we were.

Another beautiful day, and we drove through Acco, and alongside the Mediterranean, towards Tel Aviv...encountering an interesting episode, buying fruit, and when we parked our car in Tel Aviv, we were not sure how this last evening will end...the trip was a celebration of life, of souls journeying together, hence it was befitting to end in style...two yogis in dress, mannerism and style checked in to Sheraton Tel Aviv, our room overlooked the sea, and the view from the balcony was impressive, you saw the whole promenade, and water walk...we spent the evening in Tel Aviv and the next day in Jaffa...the closing highlights...

Frederick and I parted ways, sure that our souls and energy will be connected, and we will continue to share this energy with all being we encounter...the night I flew out of Tel Aviv, was a full moon, we had begun and ended our journey with that moon, it will always guide us and remind us of our purpose, in our journey through life...

The last 2 days in Antwerp, were spent with Linda, who had flown from Ireland and Rosa who had taken the train from Amsterdam.  Nadine once again opened her home to us, and we caught up on the past year and a half in our lives, our dreams, and the next day shared a great yoga practice together.  Refreshed we hugged our goodbyes, sending flying kisses as the train pulled away...
To all I say Adios, till we meet again...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratitude list

I am grateful for an amazing yoga session
I am grateful to see the beautiful moon tonight
I am grateful to the sun for shining today
I am grateful to Centenario, the horse who carried me up and down the mountains of the rainforest
I am grateful to friends, who shared their time with me today
I am grateful for the amazing lunch today, and the food i got to eat
I am grateful to the bout of laughter, I shared with friends
I am grateful to the wonderful human beings, especially my children
I am grateful for every opportunity I have to interact with others
I am grateful for an inner sense, that guides me and shows me the true nature of people
I am grateful for waking up this morning with a smile on my face
I am grateful to all those wonderful people I have met as I journey through life
I am grateful to the food I eat, the nutrients I absorb
I am grateful to all those people, just their thought brings a smile to my heart
I am grateful to this life which allows me to connect with people
I am grateful to all those people who open their hearts
I am grateful to the  love and friends I have found
I am grateful that when I look at a person I can see beyond the form
I am grateful to enjoy the form and colors of nature
I am grateful to stand in the middle of the square in Brugge, with 2 beautiful friends, laughing, eating and sharing delicious chocolate

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

who am i not...

when am i not afraid to show my vulnerability...when i feel an inner sense of confidence, without fear of rejection, reproach or judgement, i surrender and expose myself.  this inner sense of confidence can also be referred to the knowing of "who am i"...not the "I", defined by my external appearance, by my physical attributes, by the knowledge I acquire, the accolcades or degrees I collect, but the "Who" as in a human form,when interacting with another human form, with no expectation of reward, gain  or benefit from that interaction.  the very basic form of caring, sharing, giving, receiving and feeling the pain and joy of the other. 

the discovery of who the real "i " is challenging.  is the real "i" a constant or a variable.  if i am a constant, am i stuck, stuck with the idea of who this "me" is?  knowing oneself as a constant becomes a self imposed barrier.  changes are always happening as part of life, if we don't move ourself out of the way and incorporate the changes we become our own roadblock.  when we are constant, we stand firm to our belief, ideas and principles...others find it easy to categorise us and put a label on us, we become  a reference point...does society and culture need such people?? 

i need to go deeper into this concept.  is it possible to have the ideas, beliefs and principles, without being stuck on how to achieve, support and live them.  can these ideas, beliefs and principles become the building blocks of our life structure, allowing us to move freely within the stucture.  We feel grounded within this stucture, with room and space to move around.  This space can get filled with our unaware ego, when we associate the stucture with who we are; instead remembering that we are the energy that flows, upholding and supporting the stucture, with this energy, always moving and allowing others to move with us. 

coming back to the question of "who am i", becomes clearer... "i" am the energy, the life that is happening,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is life a drama....

We all have our own personal script, the one we keep repeating and replaying. Using this script we assign ourselves a role, and the life begins to unfold as a "drama'.

In this drama of life, we begin to project on others, the role we assign them. We continue to involve people that are close to us and those that are removed from us in this play of life.

We begin with our feelings, instead of staying with what we are feeling, and going deep within, to uncover the source of what we feel, we find it easier to distract ourselves with "thoughts", the thoughts begin to weave stories, stemming from the past experiences, injustices, hurt, pain and even joy. We notice that the energy that is being released, needs a target. Could it be enough if we find an activity that will be helpful in channelling this energy? Probably, but then we need to be prepared to stay in our feelings, right in the middle of them and allow them to dissipate, weeding out the deep embedded impressions. Instead we begin to create our stories, drag others into the play. At a deep sub-conscious level, their is a sense of control, we feel good by making ourselves the hero or the victim, and we find a villain to spew our negative energy.

Being aware of our "dramas", gives us the choice to change our script, make it positive, allow the energy of life to flow and create a new script in very moment. It also helps us in tuning in to the drama of the other. Without allowing ourselves to adopt the role that the other person is trying to assign to us, we hold the space to allow the negative energy to flow around us and not into us.
published in OYE! Times Sep 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Living by sharing.

Living by sharing.

Journeying through life, one meets and experiences life moment by moment. These moments consist of interaction with those around us, either strangers passing us by, encounter with an acquaintance, close emotional time with a friend, family or a special someone. In each situation, we interact to observe, explore and learn about ourselves.

In the past two days, I met some friends and acquaintances and some complete strangers. The social friends took great interest in my plans for the upcoming trip to Costa Rica. There was also a sense of curiosity when questions were asked about my life journey. I also heard some aspects of resignation, in the questions asked, sensing that my circumstances or situation somehow allowed me to pursue a more "spiritual" path then theirs. We all carry a sense of inner "knowing", whereby each soul realizes that their journey is for them to experience. The chatter of the analytical mind fogs over this knowing.

Over a communal setting I met complete strangers. We heard beautiful music, songs and music made through the crystal bowls. We also shared an inner awakening through the exploration of a healing ritual. Each conversation and discussion that followed was opening a window into a soul experiencing life.

As we seek peace, contentment and joy in our lives, we navigate and chart our own course, we are our own trailblazers.

published in Oye Times! August 29, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

and I am Love??

"Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts" ~Wikipedia~

love exists in the absence of fear...when we learn to live with an awareness of  each moment...

in that moment recognise the feelings that arise...FEEL that feeling, in this state, one is the "joy", the "sadness", the "fear"...

here comes the thoughts, watch the thoughts, if they result in an action, watch that action, be the simultaneous doer and the witness...

in the absence of thoughts and stories the feelings begin to evaporate... the witness will begin to perceive a deep sense of emptiness of calmness and the emptiness creation is happening, every moment, life becomes an art, a creation...seen in a brushstroke on the empty canvas, a musical note, a sculptor, a flower, a rainbow, a smile, gazing at the stars or in the eyes of a beloved, a sip of water a morsel of food...and love then is not only in the "interpersonal relationship" but one becomes the love, in its totality...mind, body, spirit and soul.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The shift in consciousness...

We are fast moving towards a time when all the intentions will manifest...all that we want to be and want for ourselves has to be first asked for others, it will multiply exponentially, and reflect back to us.  In that giving of our good thought and action, we will begin to create the space to receive.  

At this time in history, we need to understand that our world, and our perception of the world will determine our thoughts and actions.  When we begin to participate in this perception and reality, with awareness of our responsibility to every sentient being,  we move towards the shift of consciousness.. from a point of separateness and duality towards oneness.  

Quantum Physics states that "Reality boils down to the consciousness that is observing it"....we pause and contemplate, as we ask ourselves this question: what is in my observing that is causing this reality? Do I need to bring a shift first in me, in all those ideas, beliefs, conditionings etc. that might be clouding my observations? And how could I achieve this? Not by reading books, and adopting thoughts of other minds.  Instead become the feeling, watch the thoughts that arise, without acting on them, just let them pass, they are like the clouds in the sky.  

Slowly, through this meditative process the awareness of each moment becomes the the perceiver becomes the perception, the inner and outer worlds unite in to a oneness...
In Mayan tradition In Lak'ech Ala K'in = I am another yourself.

Published in OYE! Times August 10, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

facing myself....

.....we face ourselves in a continuous stream, through our minds eye.......this observation happens at such a fast speed, our perception leads us to believe that we and life is all "that", and only "that" what we perceive.

driving through downtown, a brief moment, when i was suspended between the "i" who lived and worked in the city, and the "i" who was at that moment driving through the familiar that moment the only thought that came to the mind space was "who am i".......not as a question, but an observation...............there was no dwelling on this realization.........just a checkpoint in awareness

Monday, August 2, 2010

i'll meet you half way

life moves, and the to and fro brings with it a meeting and a parting....................

When Augusto, was leaving Rancho Margot, he came to say good-bye, looked at me and said: "irum, i think i am dying, a bit".......i smiled at him....

........when we meet and reunite, we are revived.  eventually it all balances out, journeying through life we meet more people than we leave behind......

The last month plus,  has been a stream of meetings and partings.............and today i face another parting.  Someone, very dear and close to heart, is leaving to re-unite with her heart(s)..........she is aware that she is leaving behind many hearts, and as she feels the tug in that part of her that dies, .....her re-uniting will bring her back many lives....... will offer you many crossroads, follow your heart sweetie, without letting the fear from your conditioning, and opinions of others, fog the clarity which you carry in that beacon of light.............
YOUR HEART............

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life around the city streets......

Toronto like the other, many wonderful cities around the world, offers its own stories.  I have lived here for over thirty years, felt the changing of many seasons, and welcomed every season with great enthusiasm.  Sometimes we forget the uniqueness of the change `and begin to complain about the snow, the wind, the sleet, the heat etc......
Warm summer evenings are a great time to stroll through the downtown streets.  One night at 11 pm the craving for a hot dog, reached its peak and we walked on Front Street, in search of our favorite vendor.  Life happens in the hustle bustle; we shared a joke with the Blue Jays fan with the blue hair/hat.  He managed to keep his sense of humor, in spite of his disappointment at watching an uninteresting ball game. between  the Jays and the Boston Red Sox.
On Adelaide Street I notice this guy with orange hair, and I wonder, maybe this is a new fashion, we celebrate the warmth of summer with wild colour hair/hair hats...........
The human race with its outlook and conditioning was evident on Spadina Avenue.  One warm afternoon,  as I waited at the traffic light, I noticed a man walking towards me, this man was eating a pomegranate.  He had opened the fruit and was biting into the seeds.......I thought to myself, what a healthy snack/food.  About then I noticed a car slowing at the light, the woman in the passenger seat gave this man a "look" word to describe that look could be "condescending". it was both a look of surprise and disgust.  The man caught her look and fired some unfriendly words to her.  He sensed that I had seen the look as well, and his comment to me was "people, think that I am a bum and inferior to them, and by looking down on me, they make themselves feel superior".......what we feel and think, does impact others, sometimes by our word or by a look.......

published in OYE! Times on July 12th.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sara and Zeb got married - July 17

a marriage happens.........
When two people meet and find that the meeting is really an extension of their spirit and soul an inner knowing happens........a connection that happens at the soul level, when given the right space and time is transformed in to the outer form.  The union of the forms is a celebration. 
We live amongst friends, family, community and society, and any celebration includes all the near and dear ones.............such was a celebration that happened this weekend, of July 2010.  The union of two souls, two families and the reunion of many friends.  Amongst much  laughter, dancing, and joy we all participated in a fun filled week.  The preparation was as much fun as the ceremonies.  Clothes were brought out of the closets, many outfits were tried on and a few selected  for each occasion.  Henna adorned the hands and body, and jewelery completed the attires.  Camera in hand, we all posed for each other ............capturing each moment, to be shared as beautiful memories.........some memories were let go, to make space for new ones.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Warm summer evening.............

Walking down the Toronto waterfront, near Queens Quay, I heard chanting.  My attention had been fixed on the  reflection of lights and the ripples in lake Ontario.  It took me a few seconds to locate the origin of the chants.  I saw someone sitting with a harmonium, .......magnetized I sat beside him and joined his chant.  It was so magical, an impromptu kirtan, no planning no organizing, just discovering and being.  I walked away and by the edge of the water did my meditation and yoga..........i feel the gratitude, to be there.   In that moment it reaffirmed to me that "life is and i am"........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

each one of us is the world.....

The concept of who is a human person and how each person is tied to the well being of this world is becoming more transparent.  We have become more and more aware of the destruction of the earth, the soil and the ocean.  The grass root movements for the awakening of the human conciousness, the discussions around the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, the effect of climate change, population, and the list continues.......sometime it seems that with each breath some new evidence in the health and well being of the human race is being raised and discussed........

What happens to an individual............a human is born with its blue print.  From a yogic philosophy, we can explain that the first root chakra is the grounding and security of the individual.  This is where the loyalties, to the family and tribe are secured.  From the grounding and security we move towards the second chakra.  This chakra is the source of power, sex and creativity.  The third chakra, is the area around the solar plexus, where we honour ourselves and our relationships.  We move up to the fourth or the heart chakra, the seat of compassion.  The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, which is the source of our communication.  The sixth chakra, is the area in the mid brain, also known as the third eye, the command center of the higher intelligence.  This is where our intuition resides.  From the sixth chakra, we open into the divine wisdom, our seventh chakra. 

The chakras weave  around the central nadi, or energy field, which is also known as the universal energy.  The chakras signify, the area of concentration of the energy, which results from our thoughts and our actions.  When the chakra energy is balanced, with no blockage, we feel centred, calm and in a state of Being.  In this state the duality of doing and being unites, as the observer, observed and the object of observation becomes one. 

Each chakra is signified by an element.  The first chakra is the grounding, the earth and the soil, where the seed of creation is implanted.  The second chakra is the water element.  Third chakra is the sun, the fire.  The fourth chakra element is air.   The fifth chakra is the communication, the sixth is the conection to our intuition, away from the logic and knowledge of the egoic brain.

When we look at the human body system and turn our vision outward in to the world, we can begin to connect the dots and see the pattern of blockages, happening in the world.  The scale is exponentially the six billion plus people in the world.

The soil has been erroded, we search for the "pesticide" free organic soil.  The evidence of land slides, is an indication of this erosion and destruction, can we consider this the blockage of the first chakra field of our world.

The second chakra, destruction is happening in the oceans, with the pollution, the oil spills and the erosion of the coral reef.  The gloom of lack of fresh water is being raised.

The global warming, can be associated with the third chakra destruction, as temperatures rise.   Will we see more forest fires?

The air we breathe, is polluted, as the heart of this world becomes constricted.  As the lack of oxygen, and the ability to breathe deepy causes toxins in the mind and body, such is the happening in the world.

The means of communication, is widespread, yet the energy is blocked. people don't talk with each other.  Relationship breakdown occurs when the communication breaks down.  Are we speaking the truth, or we say what is self-serving. 

We have lost the trust, we don't trust ourselves and our instincts, we don't trust the other, and the universe continues to deliver the distrust we spread.   

With all the chakras of this world blocked, where are we headed.  The universal energy of the world is blocked.  Each individual is feeling this within, and in the outer world, we live in the inner and outer world where nothing flows.  Toxins accumulate in our mind, body and spirit and in the world we live in.  What happens when the body is full of toxins? 

Will we be able to find the divine wisdom by connecitng with the seventh chakra?   We have to have the hope, to find the divine wisdom, to heal ourselves, and this world, as both are one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Osho's "Ten Commandments"

Osho's "Ten Commandments"

In his early days as Acharya Rajneesh, a correspondent once asked Osho for his "Ten Commandments". In his letter of reply, Osho noted that it was a difficult matter, because he was against any kind of commandment, but "just for fun" agreed to set out the following:
  1. Never obey anyone's command unless it is coming from within you also.
  2. There is no God other than life itself.
  3. Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.
  4. Love is prayer.
  5. To become a nothingness is the door to truth. Nothingness itself is the means, the goal and attainment.
  6. Life is now and here.
  7. Live wakefully.
  8. Do not swim – float.
  9. Die each moment so that you can be new each moment.
  10. Do not search. That which is, is. Stop and see.
He underlined numbers 3, 7, 9 and 10.[183] The ideas expressed in these Commandments have remained a constant leitmotif in his movement.[183]

Sunday, June 27, 2010

back in toronto.......

......the flight back to toronto, was smooth........i spent the time watching two movies, and when the pilot announced the descent in to toronto, i caught myself surprised......where did the five hours go?.... which brings me to the thought "where did the last three months go?"

the saying "home is where the heart is", is very accurate, except, when the heart is in many places, and physical spaces, separated by large time dimensions, then could it be possible that one has many homes, and hence many hearts?......i am a heart, where life lives.

the summer in the city, smell of fresh cut grass, the quietness of the day, and the languid heart is happy, and in this moment of oneness, there is only gratitude and in the past, longing for what is over, takes away the pleasure of enjoying what the present offers....i am here and now, and now is here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yoga Retreat at Rancho Margot - October 8 to 15

Yoga with Jackie Chiodo and Irum Naqvi

Location: Rancho Margot - where nature and nurture are one

Costa Rica October 8th to October 15th

Yoga at Rancho Margot will leave you with the feeling that Life is a journey and not a destination. The daily life at the ranch allows one to be in the moment……every morning dawns with the sound of the howler monkeys and the singing of the is an orchestra, sometime the sound of rain adding its own tune to the morning symphony.

Move through your yoga poses with the surrounding trees, flowers, and the magnificent magical mountain. The sounds and sights of the toucans, hummingbirds and butterflies help you to deepen your practice, each breath a transformation. Being in this space, will help you to surrender all the accumulated stress, tension and let you return to your natural state of being. As we surrender, we heal and bring continuous joy in our life.

If you are interested in a week of yoga to relax and unwind, then avail this opportunity, on the shores of Lake Arenal and the valley of the Cano Negro River. Whether you have never done yoga or you are an experienced practitioner of yoga, the transformation you experience will be profound.

Practice daily yoga and meditation sessions with Jackie, Irum and Frederick. Participate in a daily yoga session, Chakra and walking meditation, yoga nidra and a healing session. Enjoy your free time relaxing on the hammocks, kayaking on lake arenal, hiking to the Mirador, horseback riding, bike riding, zip lining or just getting lost in the rainforest.

Check this link and read what all Rancho Margot has to offer

7 nights......October 8th to the 15th

The following accommodation options include: 3 meals per day, pickup and drop off at the airport and a 2 hour ranch tour. All other ranch activities listed on the Rancho Margot website will be available to you at their cost.
The amounts are listed in USD.

1: Bunkhouse - single occupancy $ 970
2: Bunkhouse - double occupancy $ 900
3: Bungalow - single occupancy $ 1495
4: Bungalow - double occupancy $ 1195