Friday, October 23, 2009

think and think not

am i creating my life or am i the character in other people's life i create my life or is it a be aware that each thought leads to the creation of an action, which leads to another thought and so the circle of life it is possible that by being aware of my thoughts i can chart out the course of my life and navigate through the known, and the unknown.


  1. The narrative we share in our culture, our times, is one of possessiveness. "MY" body, life, property,thoughts, etc. The great teachers, including Shunyamurti, reject possessiveness as illusory. Jesus, Swami Rama, the Buddha, Lao Tsu and others owned nothing...and used metaphors of unity, such as "I am the vine and you are the branches" or we are all waves of the same ocean. The mystical vision is of only ONE consciousness expressing the many forms.
    ONe simple thing to do is rely on the principle of reaping what you sow. Then all you have to do is watch what comes forth from you ...on every level...attitude, heart, vibes, as well as thoughts and words...and trust the universe. Is the intellect or the ego vast enough to chart the way? Our mental patterns have momentum. You can see this and intuit what the fruits will be...and create new direction and momentum, as you have already done. All momentum is sustained consciously or unconsciously in the NOW, is it not? Is your momentum toward dependency on "the other", or union with the formlessONe? We live in relationship in time and space, but the deeper self, not to be forgotten, is the ground of all being. Shunyamurti's exercise on video is one to leave the old momentum behind once. Few have the degree of intention to sustain that living continuously in the new light. For most the exercise is a taste, then the sadhana continues.

  2. your comment and explaination has clarity......thank you for the reference to shunyamurti and his teachings