Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 6 - after the layoffs

a small gathering of employees and ex-employees of a company were discussing their reaction and challenges they have faced or think they will face when they are out of a job. this was not a discussion on their individual financial situation, interestingly enough the focus was on the "other" stuff...... the feeling that came across, explicitly or implicitly was "liberation". the question that comes to mind is that this feeling of liberation or freedom is it because one is not "bound" to a job any more; is it because they are not in the environment that gets created before layoffs happen, or maybe it is the culture of their company or their immediate for thought and individual contemplation. how long does this liberated feeling last, till the newness of the situation is over maybe lack of social interaction during the day, or when the finances start to pinch.

the other interesting discussion point was the challenge of not having a routine. people commented that when they are out of a job they find the need to create some sort of routine. the idea here is that when one is working with others, then the routine creates the transparency which is required, one is expected to be at their job during certain hours, meetings and calendars are booked etc. etc.....
one day you wake up in the morning and realize, there is no job or office to go to.........routine is supposed to give rhythm to ones life, babies and children need routines and as one grows through life we continue to replace the old routines with new ones.
here is a thought for each of us to answer for ourselves, use this opportunity to tune into our inner clock, compass or guidance and approach the day with an inner flow, knowing from within what needs to be done and go about the day being with their doing............ instead of being in a hurry to create a new routine, just trust oneself and our life to guide us through the day. give ourselves the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves to awaken the "human being" in us and let the "human doing" take the back seat.............

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