Friday, January 30, 2009


"If you could untie your wings and free your soul of jealousy, you and everyone around you will fly up like doves"...........

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recommended Reading

"irum this is such a great space to share what the heart speaks.for the moment I will leave here the link to my latest book":

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When people reach out

In the last few days, weeks and months I have developed an acute awareness, in recognizing the gestures and helping hands that have reached out to me.........thank you to all of you............ each gesture has come from the heart...................... the intention and the impact has both been appreciated.

Now I am left thinking if these acts of helpfulness have always been there, maybe I was too absorbed in other things or maybe took them with a sense of entitlement..................for now I am grateful that I have started to recognise and appreciate all the goodness in people............

Monday, January 26, 2009

oneness not sameness

when in our minds we think that oneness is sameness........
one point of view is that "how can we all be the same, we are not the same"...................
can oneness be possible? Oneness, with the awareness that we are not the same.............maybe it is possible for us to have a discussion keeping the ego aside? Ego takes over and guides us, so what comes out is saying, "I know what I am saying, I know because I am so smart, well read, etc. etc."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

After the yoga in Wien - Jan 2009

comments from the amazing attendees:
"The year 2009 has begann very good because of you. It was a great chance to meet you and making yoga and sharing energie with you. I hope we could stay in contact and can making again yoga somewhere in this beautiful word.

What was very speciall in your yoga: first of all was the melodiy of your voice. It is unbelivably calming. and the positiv approach made me very happy. Specially when you said " thats your body, you have to love it" is great. Sentence like "there is no way to go , no one to be" ist extremly relaxing.
Thank you for being here and give us this wounderful possibility" .
Zohreh Pahlavani"

....."thank you very much for that opportunity to be a few hours with you and do Yoga in that soft way. I had each time very good feeling during and after the sessions. on last Monday I had very deep head ache and the breathing method you learned me was a very good help to manage the situation".......Mehrzad

"You are our guru and we all are very thankfull to meet you. You have make us another people. When I go home, I´m really different person, I can sleep now and I wake up every day full energy and without any pain and ... . I´m looking forword very happy to have a breakfast and to do something usefull for me and for a job, what wasn´t the case before. I´m very happy to meet you all to have a yoga!".......Anja

"Although I was not able to do any yoga it was really interesting to watch your exercises. Even more interesting was to observe (your word!) how yoga changes you, how one becomes a totally different person, how your face becomes spiritual beauty from inside and how your whole self becomes really gracious and harmonious, like a piece of art.
Your exercises seem so easy and effortless and you have an especially good way of transferring this ease, calmness and inner harmony onto others. It was a really interesting experience for me – thanks a lot.".......Almaz

"Dear Irum,
thank you so much for your lessons, if you would do this regularly in Vienna, I would come running :-)
It was a big surprise how good I felt and - for me - after years a comeback to meditation
as well - and I will continue at least to give myself more space for that (promised myself)
Staying together after was amazing. After such a relax obviousely one is talking about
things one wouldt not do."........Lisi

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 20, 2009 - history as it happened

At work on January 20, 2009 some of us gathered around the TV in the kitchen to watch the inaugration of the 44th US president. ...........we heard that the large conference rooms were also tuned in and we could go there to watch on the large screen, but already our attention was glued, and the thought of missing even 5 minutes prevented us from moving our location.

As the camera showed the viewers the first glimpse of Obama, his calm, confident yet serious expression brought this thought to mind "he is focusing on this moment"..........I made this comment out loud to a colleague sitting beside me............... in my mind I saw a hope, stemming from the yogic principle of non-violence, which I wished this new regime would bring, not only to the United States but to the rest of the world....................

Today the colleague who was watching the ceremony with me said that as he was riding the train to work this morning, he caught himself thinking of the remark "focusing on this moment" helped him deal with the anxious thoughts that were crowding his mind space........

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

लाइफ इस वहत इ मके ऑफ़ आईटी - थौघ्ट्स फ्रॉम सेप्टेम्बर २१

Life _ participate_be _notice-learn when to be a participant and when an observer. Whatever role you are in be interested.
Can their be activity in silence? Yes if the act stems from the depth of silence or space then the activity will be different then if you act driven by thoughts and emotions from the past. Being always in the present guides you to act from a clear perspective.
Life is what i make of it...... If you wait for life to happen then you are part of someone's story. Can i change someone's story? By being active and making it my life i can. This also depends on whose story i become a part of. Someone might have a life story where they dictate what roles everyone plays. In order for me be part of someones life story i need to develop my own life if in the process there is conflict with other roles then what? Then become formless, become like water to move around the conflicts or obstacles. Even though i become formless, i still am. Who am i becomes the question. I am the space, the silence and the presence of being...... aware of the conciousness and unconciousness in myself and others. I can then truly feel blessed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January flows

although the weather outside is freezing, we all know it is temporary........we all have warm clothes and a warm home to return to.
yes the economy is down, and some of us are either without a job or facing an impending layoff. maybe a closed door is a new opportunity to do and live as one truly wants to........without the expectations, of society and others. maybe this is an opportunity to take a journey into oneself, become a minimalist, eat less, spend less on things, but enjoy more the company of people and one's own company.
listened to an interesting interivew on you tube, check out and search on "Adyashanti"